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Dr. Ahsan Masood Khan, Dr. Salahudin Mahmood, Dr. Sana ullah


Background: Pakistan is a developing country and is striving hard to overcome its financial and health challenges. Majority of the population lives in rural areas and are living under privileged life due to poverty and lack of work opportunities. The government has made sure the availability of medical officers and trained maternal staff at basic health units at union council level. It has helped to reduce the child and mother mortality rate. Health sector is not cost effective. There is a wide gap between private and public hospital health expenditures. The purpose of the study is to analyze the services available at public hospitals and their cost versus the private hospitals, clinic and private treatment cost. The study also helped to analyze patient preferences for selection of hospitals in terms of their satisfaction and affordability. The study was conducted in District Multan Makhdoom Rasheed rural union councils a South Punjab region where poverty is widespread and rural literacy is improving. Methodology: Due to poverty stunting in children and malnourishment among young mother is very common in rural areas of Punjab. The poverty derives many health challenges for pregnant women. The cost of delivery and c section is high in private sector and also malpractices for minting money are common. The study was conducted in rural areas of District Multan Makhdoom Rasheed. Total 120 women who delivered child from the time period of Jan 2018 to June 2018 were registered .The sample was collected from both private clinics and from government Hospitals. Results: Total 120 women who were registered in study .40 of them went to private clinics for SVD and for c sections, remaining 80 went to public health facilities. The cost of normal delivery in private clinic was from Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 and the cost of c section in private clinic was from Rs 20000 to Rs 50000. It is considered a huge cost and in rural areas the patients and their family have to sell their live stock in order to avail private services from private clinic whereas in public sector the normal cost of delivery may vary from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 and the c section may cost up to Rs5000 (if sometime medicines are not available at the public hospitals pharmacy, then the patients have to buy it from the private pharmacies). If the medicines are available then the cost of SVD and c section can be zero .Public health facilities are blessing in disguise for poor people who cannot afford basic health facilities. Conclusion: government should improve the availability of trained and professional staff at BHUs so that the poor can be given free or low cost health option near their home. The availability of medicines should be made sure so that the poor can avail the free maternal health.


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