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Dr Hassan Hayat Durrani, Dr Zahida Perveen, Dr Sadaf Islam


Pakistan is striving hard to maximize the coverage of the immunization program but still it is facing many barriers and challenges against the diseases which can be prevented through vaccination. There are many barriers other than the administrative and availability of vaccine like parents cooperation is lacking among poor and illiterate community, awareness about the benefits of vaccination plan is missing and also the vaccinator are at high risk in low socio economic areas for their life. Maintaining cold chain in transportation, storage and management is also a challenge for the health officials. The EPI program in Pakistan is sponsored by WHO and UNICEF. The donors are struggling to overcome the management issue and also the coverage enhancement of vaccine especially in areas where the preventable disease were reported. The present study was conducted in Nishter Hospital Multan and total of 200 children were taken as a sample from the time period of July 2018 to March 2019.Majority of the children received the vaccination on time and the few who missed the vaccine dose were due to their lack of attention to the benefits of the plan and also due to the hard access to the area. Poor awareness is the main cause of missing the dose among rural women. Conclusion is to sensitize the mother to avail the full EPI plan for their children under age of 2 years and also the government health official should plan to increase the coverage of the program. Awareness creation about the better child health is the need of the time especially in the areas where the literacy rate is poor and the people are living a life which is below the standard of quality life. It is concluded from this study that it is the responsibility of Government and Health Professionals to find solutions to increases vaccination rate and coverage. It is the need of hour to find ways for creating awareness among parents and motivate them to follow complete vaccination schedule for the sake of better child health. Key Words: EPI, Vaccines, , mortality, compliance, barriers and morbidity


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