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Assessment of Diabetic Smartphone Application in Diabetic Patients


Teekam Das, Ratan Kumar, Abdul Sattar Narejo


Objective: To evaluate the barriers which are affecting the usability of diabetic applications(apps). Method: The present study was conducted in a healthcare setup of Abu-Halifa, Kuwait. Randomly the author recruited 10 diabetic patients from age range between 20 - 40 years with an equal number of both genders. Each patient was given a demonstration of managing the applications using smart technology. The features explained to the patient begin from smartphone app installation, recording the blood sugar level, analyses of the input data, reminders to medicinal reminder and monitoring blood sugar levels. In the next follow-ups, the patients were asked to record their feedback regarding the usability and features of the application Ontrack. The collected data were analysed through SPSS 21 using mean and standard deviations. Result: The data collected from questionnaires displayed that 70% of patients had a clear idea of using the applications on smartphones whereas out of this 60 % demonstrated confidence and frequency in using them. Out of 10, only 5 patients reported that they effectively used the diabetic app for recording their blood sugar level whereas 7 patients found it efficient. Conclusion: For better access and usability of the apps, the patient requires guidance and understanding. The apps designed should focus more on the desires and needs of the patient for a better approach. Keywords: Diabetes, management, Ontrack, smartphones, mHealth.


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