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Sumira Keran, Sana Sehar, Muhammad Afzal, Dr. Syed Amir Gilani


This work is based on truth telling ethical dilemma which is the part of assignment on Leadership and Management process. Truth telling is professional code of ethics in Pakistan nursing council. This is the need of modern age to tell the truth to the patients who are in dying phase or terminal stage of life due to any life threatening or progressive disease. Key ethical principles of nursing must use in practice. Methods: Select the clinical scenario in which ethical dilemma exists. Literature review was done of selected problem, in order to complete this assignment. Describe the scenario; give the literature review of the problem. Used decision making process and problem solving management seven steps to resolve the problem. Result: when nurses faced ethical dilemma: 1- Put the case in ethic committee for review and to get their expert opinion after their consultation 2- Refer the case hospice team 3- Review extensive educational resources and latest researches 4- There is need to consult other health care experts. Conclusion: Telling the truth about disease and its prognosis and change of code status to terminally ill patient is a difficult process and a big dilemma that nurses has to face on daily basis. Nurses always play a vital role in patient treatment and care. That’s why they must be committed to provide proper and truthful information to patient, to maintain trust between patient, family and nurses, in this way nurses help the patient and their families to go through this difficult time.


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