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Irum Jalal, Ms. Sana Sehar, Muhammad Afzal, Dr. Syed Amir Gilani


Introduction: in medical ward in X.Y.Z hospital. It was observed that there was a mismanagement of the hospital policy. The derma, eye, medical and gynae patients were treated in the same ward. All patients has one toilet which they were using.Many cases reported that, patients suffered many types of diseases during hospital stay for example Skin rashes, UTI, surgical site infection, gastroenteritis, communicable disease neutropenia and immunological disorders etc.Nightingale gave environmental theory for this purpose in which she discussed that infectious environmental stimuli and poor sanitation. Leadership and Management Theories: Lewin’s Force Field Model applied on this situation because it is a change theory and hospital management required to make changes in hospital policies. Unfreezing: Motivate participant ready for the change. Leader and manager make some goals and strategies to improve the structure of the hospital and use the other driving forces to drive organization to change. Change: New beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours are being replaced by old ones. Move hospital organization and staff towards change. Freezing: It is important to maintain this change when change occurs. Strengthen the new behaviour pattern. The new attitudes, habits and beliefs are included as the new status. Strategies to control nosocomial infection: Cleaning and disinfection of all areas of Patient care. Immune-compromised patients should never be placed in the same room of infectious patient. Wear gloves when treat patients. Control the risk of infection in the environment.


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