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Dr Maham Imtiaz, Dr Saneela Mumtaz, Dr Sana Abbasi


Objective: The aim of this research work is to assess the medical results, surgical intervention and their outcomes in the patients who got admission in our hospital with cardiac injuries. The injuries of the heart injury are the cause of serious like taking condition because of cardiac tamponade and/or the process of losing the blood. Methodology: We evaluated the data of twenty patients who underwent surgical intervention in the duration of ten years from 2010 to 2019 because of penetrating heart injuries. All the patients of this research work were males from 14 to 65 year of age with an average age of 33.20 ± 14.15 years. Results: The age of the patients of this research work was from 14 to 65. We diagnosed 18 patients with the injuries in the right ventricular whereas two patients were available with the injuries to the left ventricular. Clinical examination, ECG, CT, echo CG, and radiography were in use to diagnose the complication. Total 4 patients who got admission in the emergency service were in agony situation, four patients were in shock, 6 patients were available with hypotensive hemodynamic and only 4 patients were available with stable hemodynamic. We applied the right anterior thoracotomy to the 4 patients who were in agony in the emergency unit. Two among these patients cannot survive. No other patients died in this research work. We followed all the patients after the surgery with echo-cardiograph. We identified the post-pericardiotomy syndrome in only one patient. Conclusion: The findings conclude that early detection and fast intervention through surgery are very important features influencing the survival of the patients after penetrating cardiac injuries. There is very rate of mortality due to these complications. The rate of the mortality in the patients with agony can be up to 80.0%. Fast intervention in unit of emergency can be life saving for these serious patients. KEYWORDS: Cardiac, Penetrating, Methodology, ECG, Mortality, Radiology, Diagnosis, Tamponade.


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