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Dr Nabi Ahmad Chatha, Muhammad Furqan Sharif, Dr Durre Shawar


Objective: This research work aimed to assess the amounts of combined recognition of urinary mAlb (Urinary Micro Albumin), α1-MG (α1‑Microglobulin) and NAG (N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase) in timely diagnosis of DN (Diabetic Nephropathy). Methodology: Total 94 patients with early diabetic nephropathy who got admission in Mayo Hospital, Lahore from May 2018 to May 2019, were the participant in DN group. Moreover, total 67 patients suffering from diabetes who got admission in the similar period were included in the diabetes group and we selected the 64 healthy persons in the control group. We detected the NAG, urinary mAlb and α1-MG of the all 3 groups. Furthermore, we divided the patients into a satisfactory blood glucose control group & an adverse blood glucose control group in accordance with the control condition of blood glucose of the patients. We compared the detection outcome of all the 3 groups and then we statistically analyzed the available information. Results: The levels of NAG, urinary mAlb and α1-MG of group of DN were much high as compared to the patients of control and diabetes group. The differences were statistical significance with P value < 0.050. The values of detection indicator satisfactory blood glucose control group were low as compared to adverse blood glucose control group. These differences were also statistically significant with P value of < 0.050. The rate of positivity of the combined detection of levels of NAG, mAlb and α1-MG was 90.20%, which was very high as compared to of single indicator with P value of < 0.050. Conclusion: Combined recognition of the NAG, urinary mAlb and α1-MG is much sensitive in the identification of the initial damages in renal function among the patients suffering from DN. KEYWORDS: DN, NAG, mAlb, α1-MG, diabetic nephropathy, statistically, analysis, controls, indicator.

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