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Dr Mohammad Atiq Ur Rehman, Dr Aftab Rabbani, Dr Imran Joher


Objective: To understand the relationship between cirrhosis and pulmonary fibrosis in different groups of cirrhosis according to the child's classification. Study design: A descriptive study. Place and duration: In the Medicine Unit of Sharif Medical City Lahore for one year duration from September 2018 to September 2019. Results: The incidence of hepatitis C is higher than for hepatitis B. The cirrhosis causes are the similar as for fibrosis. In countries which are fully developed, most cases are the result of chronic hepatitis C or chronic alcohol abuse. In some parts of Asia and Africa, cirrhosis is often a magnitude of chronic hepatitis B. Pulmonary fibrosis is an important component of many interstitial lung diseases or diffuse parenchymal disease. The study included 60 patients aged 20–75 ± SD 36.67 ± 8.35. 56% were male and 44% male-female ratio was 1.27: 1. In the Child group A; there were 22 (44%) patients with mean ± SD 1.52 ± 0.29, 9 (18%) patients in group B with mean 1.02±0.62±SD and Child group C was 18(38%) correspondingly with 1.31±0.21 mean ±SD and missing patient was only one. In 9(18%) patients had Child’s class A, Child’s 16(32%) with class B and 22(44%) patients with Child’s class C, correspondingly The child class was assigned to each patient according to two clinical criteria and three laboratory criteria defined in the CTP system. According to clinical and laboratory criteria, 22 of 50 patients (44%) had pulmonary fibrosis in cirrhosis. There were twenty-six (52%) who were absent and only 2 (4%) were missing due to unemployment. Ultrasonography of portal hypertension shows, i.e. 60 (100%) reduction of the hepatic span and portal vein widening was noted in 10 (20%), while absent in 6(12%) of patients, splenomegaly was identified in 9(18%) patients and absent in 5(10%) and ascites was present in 13(26%) patients and absent in 4(8%). Pulmonary fibrosis and liver cirrhosis were statistical correlation tests, the difference was significant (p <0.05). Conclusion: A noteworthy association between pulmonary fibrosis and liver cirrhosis was noted and with Child’s class advancement, occurrence of pulmonary fibrosis rises. Key words: liver cirrhosis, pulmonary fibrosis and childhood classification

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