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Petrov Yu.A and Kupina A.D


Aim. The purpose of this study was to study the structural and functional-morphological features of the endometrium against the background of prolonged intrauterine contraception and after it. Materials and methods. Scrapes of the uterine mucosa were studied in 546 women aged 20-45 years who used inert IUDs for 3 months to 7 years. The control group consisted of 96 women. Endometrial biopsy with the microcurette was performed before the planned introduction of IUDs in this group. Results. During the study it was revealed that 75% of women when using silver-containing IUDs had the normal endometrial condition. With prolonged continuous use of IUDs (more than 60 months), the increase in the frequency of pathological changes in the endometrium (chronic non-specific endometritis, focal stromal fibrosis, atrophic changes in the endometrium) was observed, which indicates a continuous presence of the contraceptive in the uterine cavity for no more than 5 years. Keywords: silver-containing intrauterine contraceptive devices, menstrual cycle, endometrial reaction, chronic endometritis, hyperplasia.

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