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Dr Taimoor Ali, Zainab Amin, Dr. Haris Javed


It is very important to learn about difference in perception for eye specialists. The importance is in Many ways helps to find out the problems related to eye, to increase information about Learning and understanding eye and its disorder. So it is decided to check out perception difference in schools of Pakistan. Objective: The reason of this study was to check out that how children of different perception carry out their Normal functions. Another reason of this study was to learn more and more about eye. Subject and material: Students of age 9 to 17 were taken from schools of Lahore city of Pakistan. These students were Quite healthy. Our current research was conducted at Jinnah Hospital, Lahore from September 2018 to August 2019. Their eyesight wontedness was 20/20. they never suffered by any eye diseases so They never have been referred for eye operations. Wontedness in eyesight at 5% and 2.6% was Served with Dr. Leas 3.5 meters far wontedness. Results: 80%students gave simple wontedness with contrast full percentages. The average and standard Variation for 5% and 2.6% were got to be 0.12+/-0.7 and 0.27+/-0.09 respectively. Conclusion: By doing this process of finding actual sight wontedness we infect obtained normal wontedness Values at 100%, 5% and 2.6% difference levels. Keywords: Visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, school children

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