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Dr. Maryam Mazhar, Dr Maria Mustafa, Dr Aurangzeb khan, Dr Munaza Khattak


Objective: The purpose of this study is to assess the competence of serum C-Reactive protein in the detection of Neonatal Sepsis and role of this protein in the determination of the period of antibiotic therapy in Neonatal Sepsis. Methodology: In this study we recruited one hundred and thirty-five patients suffering from suspected of sepsis in ten months from October 2018 to July 2019 in Mayo hospital Lahore We took the samples of blood from every newborn for sensitivity of culture and calculation of the level of serum C-Reactive protein. In all the suspected patients, empirical antibiotics like Ampicillin or Gentamycin were initiated after gathering of samples of blood. We marked the levels of Serum C-Reactive protein of greater than 5 mg/dl as positive results. We took the second samples of blood for the calculation of the serum C-Reactive protein after three days of the first sample. There were 2 end points of this research work; one point was the determination of the specificity and sensitivity of the serum C-Reactive protein against blood culturing and the 2nd point was the determination was the negative predictive value of C-Reactive protein during finding out the period of antibiotic treatment in patients appearing with Neonatal Sepsis. Results: Out of one hundred and thirty-five patients, 75.5% (n: 102) were present with sepsis utilizing reports of blood culture. The results of C-Reactive protein were present as positive in 62.9% (n: 85) neonates on initial baseline calculation and they were positive in 76.29% (n: 103) neonates after three days of initial measurement. C - reactive protein sensitivity in the detection of sepsis was 98.03%, 91% was specificity, PPV (Positive Predictive Value) was 97% and NPV (Negative Predictive Value) was 93.7%. The average duration of the antibiotic therapy in the C - reactive protein guided group was 5.03 days versus 7.02 days in the group of standard treatment duration with P value of less than 0.001. The value of NPV of C - reactive protein in the determination of the period of antibiotic therapy was hundred percent. Conclusion: The level of serum C - reactive protein is authentic test in the establishment of the detection of Neonatal Sepsis. It precisely checks the duration of the antibiotic treatment and outcomes in important decrease in the duration of treatment of Neonatal Sepsis. KEYWORDS: Neonatal Sepsis, Reactive Protein, Sepsis, Mortalities, Blood Culture, Sample, Antibiotic.

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