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K. Malleswari*, D.Rama Brahma Reddy, D.Vidya Sagar


Oral fast dissolving film (OFDF) is one such novel approach to increase consumer acceptance by virtue of rapid dissolution, self administration without water or chewing. The film is an ideal intra oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system. A large number of drugs can be formulated as mouth dissolving films, for example neuroleptics, cardiovascular drugs, analgesics, antihistamines, antiasthmatic and drugs for erectile dysfunction etc. There are many techniques were available to prepare the oral films at the buccal cavity. These films have a potential to deliver the drug systemically through intragastric, sublingual or buccal route of administration and also has been used for local action. This type of technology offer a convenient way of dosing medication, not to special population groups like pediatric, geriatric, bedridden patients, mentally ill patients, but also to the general population. The present review provides an account of various formulation considerations, method of preparation and quality control of the oral fast dissolving films. Key words: Oral Fast Dissolving Film, Buccal Cavity, , High Permeability, Better Patient Compliance.

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