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Dr Hassan Zia, Dr Sohaib Khalid, Dr Narmeen Zafar


One of the commonest complain during pregnancy is low back pain. It is defined as musculoskeletal pain which is due to muscular stiffness between 12th rib and inferior gluteal folds and/or symphysis pubic. It may or may not be associated with leg pains. The postnatal period defined as the first six weeks after birth is critical to the health and survival of a mother and her new-born. A time period after the delivery of child which remains around six months; during this phase anatomical and physiological changes take place and allows a women to adjust in non-pregnant life. It was an observational cross-sectional study. Total 108 pregnant females of 3rd trimester were recruited into the study via simple random sampling. Participants were examined for the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Inclusion criteria contain pregnant women in their 3rd trimester of age group ranges between 20-35 years. Back pain before pregnancy, Systemic diseases/ known other gynaecological diseases, Known spinal/congenital deformities, Psychiatric diseases, pre-eclampsia, or females having congenital problems were excluded from the study. As PLBP appeared the most common problem, therefore its evaluation and proper care should be included in antenatal care programs as well as preventive health programs. In order to alleviate PLBP and reach the standard criteria of WHO for quality of life, researchers have to study further in large population and improve mother’s life. PLBP adversely affect their quality of lives, limit their routine activities and productivities and even make them physically disable. Younger aged women with first parity are more prone to sever PLBP. Finally, this study underscore the fact that such worse condition of pregnant women over here is always ignored by both parties, patients as well as by the doctor.

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