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Omar Fahad AlButaysh, Amro Khalid Althuwayqib, Arwa Abdulrahman Alhejaili , Zainab Ahmed Bazboz, Muhannad Abdullah albogami , Razan mohammed alzahrani, Asalah Abdulaziz Suliman Alhazmi


The Study encompasses awareness of the risk factors of diabetes among homemakers done in some countries, it was found that 33% of the homemakers were diabetic9. About 50% of diabetes cases remain undiagnosed, a fact that suggests low knowledge about diabetes [3-4]. The main objective of the present study is to assess the awareness level of homemakers in Saudi Arabia about the risk factors of diabetes. Under the following directive objectives a. To identify knowledge of the risk factors associated with diabetes prevalence and awareness. b. To assess routine lifestyles aimed at prevention of diabetes among the homemakers. c. To identify the association of sociodemographic, health, and lifestyle factors with the awareness and prevalence of diabetes. Method: A cross-sectional study among homemakers across different regions in Saudi Arabia towards awareness of the risk factors of diabetes. Data were collected using self-administered questionnaires, where sample respondents participated in the study on their own will Results: The present study enrolled 195 female and 174 male respondents, where the proportions did not significantly vary at 5% level p=.275. The number of respondents that said they had been checked their blood sugar levels recently was 173(46.9). The average sample age was M=33.72 years with a deviation from this sample mean of 13.471 years. Diabetes condition was significantly associated with gender, marital status, exercise condition and habit of taking naps p<.05 in all mentioned cases. Diabetes condition significantly differed with age p<.01 Conclusion:While the proportion of individuals who recently checked their blood sugar levels was almost half of the sample, attitudes as measured in regular health check-ups and, regular physical exercise indicate low numbers, which calls for much more effort to increase attitude and lifestyle alterations that deter diabetes.

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