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Wael Sughayyir G Alanazi , Fahad Safar Alshaibani, Abdulaziz Matar R Alanazi , Eissa Zaedan M Alenazi , Abdulrahman Shuwaysh B Alanazi , Amjed Naeem Alruwaili , Wael Abdullah B Alanazi , Badr Abdullah M Alothimen , Khaled Hussein A Bagais , Manal Ali Saleh Baaleis


Background: Anemia are important risk factors for the health and development of women as well as in the neonates. Anaemia affects one-quarter of the world’s population and is concentrated in preschool-aged children and women, making it a global public health problem. Anemia is pregnancy has become an important public health issue. Objectives: To find out the prevalence of anemia and evaluate its association with multiparty in pregnant women attending the Maternity and children Hospital of Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study of one 299 cases of pregnant women who came to Maternity and children Hospital of Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia, for antenatal checkup. The data was collected on a structured proforma which was evaluated subsequently. Results: In a total of 299 cases, there 55.5%) of the studied women (46.2%) had 2-3 children, 11.7% were primigravid and 17.4% had > 5 children. The total prevalence of Lab. diagnosed anemia among the studied pregnant women was 34.8%. Mild anemia (10-11 g/dL) was found in 26.8%, moderate anemia (7.0–9.9 g/dL) in 7.0% and severe anemia (Hb of <7 g/dL or less) in 1% of the total pregnant women, but Unknown Hb level was reported by 24.1%. There was insignificant association between lab. diagnosed anemia and parity as 53.3% cases of primigravida were suffering from anemia while in women who have 3-5 children 53.3% were anemic and multiparous (having >5children) women revealed slight increased risk of anemia with the figure of 41.5%. Conclusion: Anemia is quite common in the pregnant women of this region. There is slightly increased risk of anemia in primigravida as compared to multiparous female. The data highlighted the importance of iron supplements for expecting mothers and raised the need of awareness programs for the community in this regard. Key words: Anemia, Primigravida, Multiparity, pregnant women.


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