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Hawra Mohammed Al Hamad1, Lina Fahad Mengari2, Belal Abdulwasea Gogandy3, Enas Ismail Hawsawy4, Maymonah nezar Al-madani4, Imtithal mohammed zabermawi4, Ahmad Y Alqisi5, Abdulrahman Khaleel Maddhar6,Muhannad Abdulhadi Almuhammadi6, Zenab Khalid Brahim Alnoweser7, Lujain Ahmad Alghrairy7

Abstract :

Background: Laser technology is an evolving field. New lasers that have a diverse range of characteristics are now available and are being used in various fields of dentistry. Over the past 20 years, many technological advances have been made, and we now have new and improved lasers for our use. Laser technology was introduced to endodontics first by Weichman in 1971 with the goal of improving the results obtained with traditional procedures. The aim of Work: The aim of this review article is to provide an overview of the present and possible future clinical applications of lasers in endodontics including their use in pulp diagnosis, dentinal hypersensitivity, vital pulp therapy, sterilization of root canals, root canal cleaning, shaping and obturation, and endodontic surgery. Materials and methods: This review is a comprehensive search of PUBMED, MEDLINE, EMBASE up to November 2018. The following search items were used: lasers in endodontics, lasers in dentistry, endodontic treatment, advances in endodontic treatment Conclusion: According to the literature reviewed for this article, when used efficaciously and properly, lasers can be a very useful tool for dentists. With the development of thinner, more flexible and durable laser fibers, laser applications in endodontics will increase. Its better disinfection efficacy, more effective root canal cleaning, reduction of permeability, reduction of micro-leakage, and elimination of the need to use toxic solvents represent the main advantages to dentists, enabling them to provide better treatment for their patients. Keywords: lasers in endodontics, lasers in dentistry, classification of dental lasers, laser wavelengths, endodontic treatment, successful endodontic treatment.


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