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Nada Dheya Alothmany, Doaa Mustafa Abdulhadi, Rakan Samir Bajoh, Haifa Saeed Alrumeh, Sahar Abuolola Al Sayegh, Sanaa Mahmoud Anbarserri, Alanoud Saed M Alnefaie, Reem Aaidh Alnefayi, Sarah Khlil I Alotaibi, Norah Mohsen Al-Bogami, Reem Khalid Dakhel


Background: Pre-eclampsia a major source of global morbidity and mortality, it is a multisystem disorder which complicates 3%-8% of pregnancies in the western world. Overall, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia are directly associated with 10%-15% of maternal deaths. Genetical and immunological risks are hypothesized to be linked supported by some epidemiological findings. A previous maternal history of this disorder increases the risk of pre-eclampsia 2-fold to 5-fold higher in pregnant women. Depending on ethnicity, incidence rate of pre-eclampsia ranges from 1% to 3% in women who had multiple previous pregnancies and 3% - to 7% in healthy women who never had a pregnancy. Aim of work: In this article, we highlight the pathophysiology, treatment and prognosis of pre-eclampsia disorders in pregnancy. Methodology: We conducted this review using a comprehensive search of MEDLINE, PubMed, and EMBASE, January 1985, through February 2017. The following search terms were used: pre-eclampsia, pathophysiology of pre-eclampsia, clinical presentation of pre-eclampsia, management of pre-eclampsia. Conclusions: Pre-eclampsia is considered a rare condition that appears during pregnancy with an unpredictable course that accompany with severe consequences for the mother and the fetus. Delivering the baby is the only cure to this condition. Likewise, recognizing delivery criteria in the event of pre-eclampsia is critical to ideal management. current research centers around the forecast of onset of pre-eclampsia or even severe pre-eclampsia in order to allow early management and enhance the morbidity and mortality related with this disease. specific instruments for secondary prevention should likewise be developed for recurrent pre-eclampsia. Key words: pre-eclampsia, pregnancy disorders, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.


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