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Turki N Almutairi ; Hisham A Rizk ; Abdullah F Aldhubiban; Abdullah O Saeedi ; Ahmed S Maimani ; Abdulbari M A Alsulami ; Faisal A Alghamdi ; Reem I Zabani ; Wisam H Jamal


Background: Gallstones are collections of solid material that form inside the gallbladder, it is a common and important cause of hospitalization. Obese people were at an increased risk for developing gallstones, the prevalence of obesity in the Middle East is considered high. Several researches have reported an inverse relationship between symptomatic gallstone and increased physical activity, however there is no similar study conducted in Saudi Arabia. Method: This case-control study was conducted at King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, data of 120 participants were collected by telephone using Global Physical Activity Questionnaire [GPAQ] which is valid Questionnaire. Assessing vigrous, moderate and mild activities Results: A total of 120 patients were enrolled in the study. Males represented more than half of the sample [56.7%], and most of the patients were Saudi nationals from Jeddah [66.7%]. The mean [SD] age of the patients was 48.4 [14.5] years, and the mean [SD] weight was 74 [10.7] Kg. The total number of patients with a diagnosis of gallbladder stones was 40 and they comprised 33.3% of the sample. Patients in the control group were not diagnosed with gall bladder stones. Control group spent slightly more days doing vigorous exercise [mean 0.7, SD 1.9] than those with gallbladder stones [mean 0.2, SD 0.98, p = 0.057]; however, the mean number of hours per day doing vigorous exercise did not differ between the two groups [p = 0.947]. There was a slight association between people's reported vigorous exercising weekly hours and their odds of having had a gallbladder stones [OR =1.183, p = 0.123]. Most of the other weekly exercise and activities correlated negatively with people's odds of having had gallbladder stones. Conclusion: Our data support the hypothesis that physical activity decreases the incidence of newly symptomatic gallstone disease. However further studies are needed to review the correlation between physical activity and prevention cholelithiasis. Keywords: Gall stones, Physical activity, Vigorous, moderate, walk.


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