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Dr. Permanend1, Dr. Sunny, Dr. Fozia Rajput, Dr. Chander Kumar, Dr. Kelash Kumar, Dr. Abdul Haseeb Kath


Abstract: Objective: Objective of the study was to assess the postoperative pain after single visit endodontic treatment. Study design: An experimental study, Methodology: Total 60 patients participated in the study. Before starting the treatment procedure, preoperative pain score was recorded using VAS scale. After local anesthesia teeth were isolated with rubber dam and previous filling material removed and access was gained to the orifice level. The removal of previous root canal fillings were performed with Gates Glidden drills, protaper retreatment files. Working length was measured with apex locater and verified with radiograph. Complete cleaning and shaping performed with protaper files with simultaneous irrigation with 2.5% NaOCl. Final irrigation was made with saline. Canals were dried with paper points and obturated with gutta percha single cone technique with sealapex. Orifices were sealed with Glass ionomer cement and temporarily restored. Patients were recalled after 24 hour and 7 days for the assessment of postoperative pain on VAS. On 7th day patients with severe postoperative pain and/or occurrence of swelling were taken as not effective and patients with no pain were nominated as effective. Data was statistically analyzed on statistical package of social sciences SPSS version 17.Results: Mean age of patients included in the study 30.92 ±7.301, with minimum 22 years and maximum 47 years. Male patients were 28 and female patients were 32. Preoperative pain recorded on VAS as 27% patients with mild pain and 33% with moderate pain. Postoperative pain after 24 hours recorded as 23% no pain, 29% mild pain and 8% moderate pain. Postoperative pain after 7 days recorded as 38% no pain, 21% mild pain and 1% moderate pain. Conclusion: It could be concluded that one visit endodontic retreatment reduces postoperative pain gradually in endodontically retreated symptomatic teeth. Key words: Postoperative pain, Single visit endodontic retreatment, endodontically treated teeth


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