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Objective; To determine the frequency of acute renal failure in patients with kala pathar (paraphenylene diamine) poisoning. Methods: This study was carried out at Jinnah Hospital and Saira Memorial Hospital, Lahore during January to July 2019. The patients with age 15-50 years with history of kala pathar poisoning either by transdermal or oral ingestion (assessed by history) of any amount were included. Acute renal failure was labeled where the blood urea level was found more than 30 mg/dl and serum creatinine more than 2 mg/dl. Results: In this study there were 65 cases, out of which 47 (72.31%) were females and 18 (27.69%) males. The mean age was 24.35±9.8years. The mean duration of kala pathar taken before presenting to the hospital was 5.35±0.48 hours. Out of 65 cases 58 (89.23%) had oral intake as compared to 7 (10.77%), trans-dermal absorption. All 7 trans-dermal absorption suffered accidental exposure while out of 58 oral intakes 54 (93/10%) took it for suicidal attempt. Acute renal failure was seen in 12 (18.46%) out of 65 cases. Renal failure was common in females affecting 9 out of 47 cases with p= 0.17. It was significantly higher in age group less than 30 with p= 0.04. Renal failure was also significantly associated with cases that took it orally, with suicidal intent and their time to presentation to hospital was more than 4 hours with p values of 0.001, 0.02 and 0.03 respectively. There was no significant difference in terms of marital status, however, it was common in un-married with p= 0.08. Conclusion: Kala pathar poisoning is common in our population and acute renal failure is seen almost in every 5th cases (18.46%). Young age, oral intake, suicidal intent and late reporting to hospitals are significantly high found with this complication. Key words: kala pathar poising, ARF, suicide


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