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Dr. Muhammad Moeed Akram, Dr. Muhammad Naveed Abbas, Dr. Mansoor Zafar


Objective: To determine the frequency of hypomagnesemia in cases of type-II diabetes mellitus. Material and methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted at Department of Medicine Combined Military Hospital, Lahore from to January 2018 to June 2018 over the period of 6 months. Total 350 type-II diabetics, having age range 30-60 years, either male or female with duration of diabetes ≥ 3 years were selected. Hypomagnesemia was assessed in selected. Results: Total 350 type-II diabetics were selected and hypomagnesemia was asseseed. Mean age of the patients 45.34 ± 8.55 years with age range from 30-60 years and mean duration of diabetes was 6.54 ± 2.43 years. Out of 350 type-II diabetics, hypomagnesemia was found in 122 (35%) patients. Total 169 (48.29%) patients belonged to age group 30-45 years and 181 (51.71%) patients belonged to age group 46-60 years. Hypomagnesemia was found in 60 (35.50%) patients and 62 (34.25%) patients respectively in age group 30-45 years and age group 46-60 years. Statistically insignificant association of hypomagnesemia with age group was detected with p value 0.8232. Male diabetics were 197 (56.29%) and female diabetics were 153 (43.71%) and hypomagnesemia was noted in 72 (36.55%) male patients and in 50 (32.68%) female patients. Association of hypomagnesemia with gender was statistically insignificant with p value 0.4980 Conclusion: Results of present showed a higher percentage of hypomagnesemia in cases of type-II diabetes mellitus. A higher proportion of male gender was reported as compered to female gender and there is no association of hypomagnesemia with gender. Duration of diabetes, age and obesity were insignificantly associated with hypomagnesemia. Key words: Diabetes mellitus, endocrine, magnesium, enzyme activator


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