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Dr. Zain-ul-Harmain, Dr. Syed Ammad Saeed, Dr Tariq Mehmood


Objective: There is an increase in the level of serum uric acid in clinical condition of hypoxemia. The rationale of this research work was to determine the association between severity of congestive heart failure (CHF) and levels of serum uric acid. Methodology: In this research work, we analyzed total two hundred and eighty five patients with diagnosis of CHF who got admission in Mayo Hospital, Lahore from April 2019 to September 2019. The range of the age of the patients was 17 to 67 years. We used the NYHA (New York Health Association) scoring to access the CFH severity. We considered the level of serum uric acid of greater than 7 mg/dl as high. Results: We analyzed total 285 patients suffering from congestive heart failure. The average age of the patients of this research work was 54.0 ± 2.80 years. There were 65.960% male and 34.030% female patients in this research work. Forty percent patients were present in Class-2 of NYHA, 32.630% patients were in Class-3 and 25.610% patients were in Class-4 and 1.750% patients were in Class-1. Total 59.290% patients fulfilled the hyperuricemia’s definition. Among them 83.430% were male and 16.570% were female patients. Majority of the patients present with Hyperuricemia (62.130%) were present in the age group from 51 to 60 years, with an average age of 57.0 ± 4.50 years. We discovered a significant association between the BNP and level of serum uric acid (P < 0.0010), and usage of diuretics (P < 0.0010). Total 34.930 CHF patients present with hyperuricemia were in NYHA Class-3 & NYHA Class-4 whose serum uric acid was more than 8.0 mg/dl in comparison with the 31.570% CHF patients with hyperuricemia whose serum uric acid was lower than 8.0 mg/dl. Conclusion: We observed the high level of serum uric acid in 59.290% patients suffering from CHF. This finding showed that level of serum uric acid can provide prognostic data in populations. This marker of serum uric acid can be measured easily with low expense to diagnose the patients with high risk of congestive heart failure. Keywords: Congestive heart failure, hyperuricemia, comparison, average, significant, association, NYHA, uric acid.


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