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Ramsha Aabroo Sherdil, Yusra Iqbal, Anaza Nisar


Introduction: Objective. To determine the frequency of osteoporosis in cases with peptic ulcer disease. Methods; This was a Cross sectional study conducted at multicenter, Medical departments. In this study there were 300 cases of liver cirrhosis enrolled over the period of January 2018 to December 2018 between the ages of 30 to 60 years of any gender. These cases then underwent upper GI endoscopy and finally the 100 cases of peptic ulcer were considered. The detailed data was collected. The cases with previous history of bone trauma, metabolic disorders, end stage renal or liver disease and those with diabetes mellitus were excluded. The cases with diagnosed PUD then underwent DEXA scan and score less than 2.5 was labeled with osteoporosis. Results; In this study there were total 100 cases out of which 56 were males and 44 females. The mean age was 35.44±5.35 years. Osteoporosis was seen in 10 (10%) of cases. Osteoporosis was more seen in females affecting 7 and 3 males out of their respective groups (p= 0.12). It was also more common in cases with age group more than 40 years where 8 cases were seen with p value of 0.04. There was no significant difference in terms of duration of PUD with osteoporosis (p= 0.78). Conclusion: Osteoporosis is not uncommon in cases of peptic ulcer disease. Higher age is significantly associated with this. Key words. PUD, Osteoporosis, DEXA scan, T score


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