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Aneeqa Bakhtiyar, Anam Ibrahim, Maheen Ihsan


Cheating in medical school may be a predictor of dishonesty in future medical practice. This has a detrimental effect on medical practice because students who cheat during medical school follow the same behavioural pattern later on in their work with patients. This study was conducted in students of Federal Medical and Dental College Islamabad. A total of 80 medical students was included in this study. The mean age of the students was 21.58±1.23 years. Mean age of the female students was 20.23±2.23 years and mean age of the male students was 22.45±2.11 years. Equal number of students i.e. 40 (50%) male students and 40 (50%) female students were included. Twenty (25%) students including 5 female students and 8 male students reported that they never cheated during their academic career. Sixty (75%) students including thirty-five female and thirty-two male students told they cheated during their examination. Twenty-six students (32.5%) of the students told that they do the cheating on a regular basis in every assignment and examination. Academic cheating is found among medical students especially in females and that policy should be made in order to rectify these issues.


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