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Edem Kalafatov


Rural areas of the Republic of Crimea, remote from the coastal strip and deprived of the opportunity to attract financial resources through tourism services, are in a crisis economic state, caused by the low level of state attention to the problems of the region. On the basis of the theoretical analysis on the development of rural areas, the main ways of improving the approaches and mechanisms of the socio-economic development of the rural territory of the Republic of Crimea are highlighted. Software products are designed for a medium-term period and are based on previous experience of implementation in the regions of the Russian Federation since 2006. Strategic documents are multi-level in nature and focused on the integrated development of territories in the context of industries, specific objects and areas. Justification of the organizational and methodological situation on the formation of a new tool for the effective development of rural areas, representing a synthesis of various areas of state support, including both traditional strategic and important vector and innovative aspects, is applied and timely in the sustainable development of rural areas. This approach will allow building a new format of the socio-economic environment in rural areas, initiating the growth of investment projects and attracting the attention of potential business. Key words: Republic of Crimea, tourism, service, rural, development.


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