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Ninа Konik, Oksana Gurkina, Natalia Kolotova, Oksana Turenko, Dmitriy Ivanov


Rational and healthy nutrition - is the key to good health and overall health. A person eats products of animal, vegetable, and mineral origin, which have different usefulness to the body. The usefulness of products is determined primarily by their ability to meet human nutritional needs. It depends on the chemical composition and characteristics of the transformations of various substances of these products in the human body and is characterized by such basic consumer properties as food, energy, biological, physiological and organoleptic values, as well as biological efficiency, digestibility and safety. Fish is an indispensable food product, especially for people with diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive systems. It is used for baby and diet food. The usefulness of fish and its products has been proven by scientists from many countries of the world. The chemical composition of fish is not constant and depends on its type, time and place of catch, age, sex, physiological state. Freshwater fish, an average of 100g contains: protein - 15-21g, fat - 5-22g, vitamin D - 0.001, vitamin A - 0.01, thiamine - 0.11, pyridoxine - 0.11, phosphorus - 125-315mg , magnesium - 20–170 mg, iodine - 0.1–113 µg, iron - 0.4–4.2 mg, cobalt - 3.9–14.4 µg. Freshwater fish is practically no iodine, manganese, copper, zinc, fluorine, contains little vitamin D. Few in it and polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. But iron, according to nutritionists, is absorbed by the human body better than the iron of marine fish. Conducted research on the quality of rainbow trout. Based on the study of organoleptic, physico-chemical parameters and the safety of fish products. Key words: quality, safety, fish products, quality control methods.


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