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Dr Syed Haris Mustafa Zaidi, Dr Ali Sattar, Dr Muhammad Tahir Abbas, Dr Iqra Moatter Nurie, Dr Muhammad Wajih Ansari, Dr Mohammad Raza Mehdi


Risk of cardiometabolic and severe disease of kidney are the main reasons of disease of cardiovascular which is ultimately be the reason of death. CVD and disease of kidney both are similar diseases and related to each other. Any of the above-mentioned may lead to the other one. Because of CVD, the people who are at the last stage of disease of renal have more chances of mortality. Hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes are the common factors of risks of CVD but these factors are not the reason of death in the patients of CKD. The standard and best clinical efforts to manage the death rate due to CVD is a successful step in many people. There are more chances of rarely occurred factors for example metabolism of vitamin D and malfunction mineral in the patients of CKD. A derived hormone of bones called factor of fibroblast development 23 is used for the regulation of vitamin-D in tubules of renal proximal and reabsorption of phosphate of renal. It is suggested that it can be the link of missing in between CVD and CKD. The chances of CVD increase due to the increase of severe injury of kidney. The diagnosis at the early stage and better treatment can result in the best outcomes in the patient of CVD. Other than this, non-dialysable based on protein uraemic poisons, for example, indoxyl and p-cresyl sulfate, delivered by organisms from amino acids of dietary. They seem to cause the renal brokenness. In this way, helpful methodologies focusing on colonic microbiota for patients of CKD, have prompted new possibilities in early mediation. Diabetes mellitus, blood pressure control, lowering proteinuria, dyslipidemia, anemia correction, management of abnormalities of metabolism of mineral and changings in the life style for example cessation of smoking, minimum use of salt and to gain the normal index of body mass are the steps for the prevention of CVD in the patients of CKD. Blockers, statins, blockers of renin-angiotensin, diuretic and aspirin are used at the initial level of CKD for the betterment. Pathological, clinical and biological connection in between CKD and CVD is discussed in this paper. This paper also includes management of therapeutic for CVD and CDK.

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