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Ahmad Mukhtar, Dr Umair Muhammad Afzal, Dr. Zarbakhat


Objective: This research carried out to know about the impact of the labor pain’s intensity on the development of interaction between mother and infant. Methodology: This research work was performed in the Gynecology Department of Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore a capital city of province Punjab, Pakistan. The collection of the information carried out from June 2019 to December 2019. In the duration of this research work, total two hundred and twenty five females having babies underwent interviews if they fulfilled the prescribed criteria of the research work. Results: The mean scores of the interaction between mother and infant were significant statistically in accordance with the ages of mothers; P value 0.0050 (P < 0.050), level of education; P value 0.000 (P < 0.0010) and duration of labor; P value is 0.0170 (P < 0.050). The type of labor did not have effect on the interaction between mother and infant; P value 0.5390 (P > 0.050). Difference between interaction scores and the starting period for feeding from breast was significant statistically; P value 0.000 (P < 0.0010). The intensity of the labor pain did not influence the interaction between mother and infant; P value 0.4370 (P > 0.050), However, when there was an increase in intensity of the labor pain, there was a decrease in the scores of interaction. Conclusion: According to the results of this research work, it seems to be vital that during antenatal checkups, there should be implementation of the programs about the interactions between mothers and infants, particularly among females who are older, present with low level of education and multi-gravid. There is also suggestion that there should be utilization of the painless techniques of labor. Key Words: Labor, breast, feeding, intensity, criteria, interaction, infant, gravid, implementations, antenatal

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