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Dr. Shumaila Chaudhary, Dr. Borairah Rashid, Dr. Sana Ali


Objective: The main objective of this research work was to confirm the FG (Fournier’s Gangrene) over a duration of past eight years and to evaluate the prompting factors which can influence mortality rate. Methodology: Total 65 patients who got admission in the Emergency Surgical Department of Mayo Hospital, Lahore suffering from FG were the participants of this research work. This research work started from January 2011 and lasted up to December 2019. We retrospectively reviewed the anatomical spot of the infective gangrene, prompting and etiological factors and final outcomes. Results: There were total eight females and fifty seven males in this research study. Mean age of the male patients was 51.0 ± 13.90 with a range from 19 to 75 years and mean age of the females was 63.0 ± 10.50 with a range of age from 52 to 76 years. Mean duration of hospitalization was 9.20 ± 6.60 with a range of age from 5 to 25 days. Most common comorbidity was DM (Diabetes Mellitus) and most common etiology was the perianal abscess. We performed colostomy in eleven patients, two patients underwent orchiectomy and cystostomy in only 2 patients. It is much important to note that all of eight patients who died because of FG were also suffering from DM and they were from low socioeconomic class. There was requirement of more than single debridement in 6 patients who died of FG. Conclusions: There is very high rate of mortality of FG which is a serious surgical emergency. Low socioeconomic condition, DM and greater than single debridement perform main role in the rate of morbidity as well as mortality. KEY WORDS: FG, debridement, prompting, diabetes mellitus, emergency, surgery, outcome.

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