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Dr. Kelash Kumar, Dr. Abdul Ghani Rahimoon, Dr. Mukhtiar Hussain Jaffery, Dr. Hamid Nawaz Ali Memon, *Dr. Samar Raza, Dr. Abeera Qureshi, Dr Asim Munir Memon


Objective: To determine the ventilator associated pneumonia in intensive care unit. Patients And Methods: A total of fifty patients admitted in intensive care unit were explored and included in this one year cross sectional study. The subjects which are included in this study are those who are on mechanical ventilator for more than 48 hours & one of the following as fever >38.30 °C, leucocytosis >12000/cmm, or Leucopenia <4000/cmm, purulent respiratory secretion with gram stain demonstration & Polymorph cells and quantitative endotracheal aspirate cultures with growth >106 cfu / ml whereas the frequency / percentages (%) and means ±SD computed for study variables. Results: During one year study period total fifty patients of VAP admitted in ICU were explored and study. The mean ± SD for age (yrs) of population was 60.61±7.61 respectively. Regarding gender, male 28 (56%) and female 22 (44%) individuals whereas regarding outcome 70% patients recovered while 30% were expired. Conclusion: In current study the pseudomonas was commonest bacteria overall causing and mortality in VAP (30%) is highly significant. Keywords: Pneumonia, mechanical ventilator and pathogens

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