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Dr. Agha Taj Muhammad, Dr. Kelash Kumar, Dr. Dr. Salma Kadir, Dr. Asim Munir Memon, *Dr. Samar Raza, Dr. Vijay Kumar


Objective: To determine the elective laparoscopy in diagnosing chronic abdominal pain. Patients And Methods: The one year cross sectional study (2017-18) was conducted at tertiary care hospital on the patients present with pain abdomen of 3 months duration or more. A detailed history was taken from each of the patient as per the proforma designed before the commencement of the study whereas the frequency / percentages (%) and means ±SD computed for study variables. All cases of undiagnosed (by conventional methods and investigations such as detailed history, clinical examination, blood counts, urine examination, USG abdomen, Plain x ray abdomen) chronic abdominal pain > 3 months duration of both sex, all cases of undiagnosed chronic abdominal pain in patients > 12 years of age and cases of clinically diagnosed chronic abdominal pain of >3 months duration not responding to the treatment given were placed in inclusion criteria whereas the frequency / percentages (%) and means ±SD computed for study variables. Results: During one year study period total fifty patients were explored and study. The mean ± SD for age (yrs) of population was 52.21±7.72. The laparoscopic findings were post operative adhesions 28 (56%), recurrent appendicitis 08 (16%), chronic cholecystitis 02 (4.0%), malignancy 04 (8.0%), mesenteric lymphadenopathy 04 (8.0%), tuberculosis (strictures) 04 (8.0%). Conclusion: Laparoscopy has an effective diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic efficacy in the management of patients who present with chronic abdominal pain and conventional methods of investigations have failed to elicit a cause for the pain. Keywords: Pain, laparoscopy, abdomen

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