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Dr. Iqra Siddique, Dr. Abdullah bin Naeem, Dr. Anam Naz


Objective: There are different types of definitions of stroke given by different origins. Stroke is a sudden mental disorder in which the supply of the blood which carries oxygen to each and every cell of brain stops by some hindrance or narrowing of the blood vessels. The computed topographic scan was in use to discover the cerebral infarction for the very first time. It is an area of necrotic tissues in the brain resulting from blockage and narrowing in the arteries supplying blood and oxygen to the brain The purpose of this research is to know about the danger aspects of the area of the necrotic tissue resulting in the blockage of the arteries of supplying blood and oxygen to the brain in the patients of brain attack. Methods: The method of this study was descriptive. This research carried out in General Hospital. Lahore in 2019. The computed tomography scan proved the presence of necrotic tissues in 50 patients of brain attack. All the patients having greater than 20 year age were selected as participants of the research. Family background about brain attack, narrowing of arteries in body, cigarette smoking, different heart diseases and high blood pressure are some of the dangerous factors of necrotic tissues in brain. Results: The information collected from all the participants of the research. There was at least two or more than two dangerous factors were present in the patients for blood arteries blockage in cerebral. Most danger and frequent danger factor was high blood pressure which was involving about 55% patients. 30% patients were smokers. Different percentages were available for all the danger factors for cerebral infraction. 51 percent were the men with an average age of fifty years and 49 percent were women with an average age of fifty three years. Conclusions: Area of necrotic tissue in the brain due to blockage in the blood is responsible for more than eighty percent of patients of brain attack which is a very frequent mental malfunction. It is the main cause of impairment of the human body and it also brings miseries to the sufferers and theirs close relations as well. It increases a burden of disability and misery for patients and their families. The danger factors of cerebral loss of its work are controllable. So, people of society should take important steps to reduce those factors. Key Words: Neuro, Blockage, Cerebral Disorder, Infraction, Adverse Factors.

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