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Dr Iqra Waheed, Dr Asghar Ali, Dr Zuhaira Chaudary


Objective: This research work aimed to find out that the perception about the doctors to be unhappy is true and to know about the prompting reasons of unhappiness among doctors. Methodology: This research work is a transverse study which carried out for a period of complete 2 years in two tertiary health care centers of Lahore. The collection of the information carried out with the utilization of the well-organized questionnaire. The information about demography & the perception of evaluating the data of overall doctors being present with unhappiness in our country Pakistan, and collection of their level of personal satisfaction in their life also carried out. Probable reasons for the prevalence of unhappiness among physicians from a many factors explored out. In the final stage, we asked the participants to tell about their intension in the near future to leave or remain in our country Pakistan. We used the SPSS V. 17 for the statistical analysis of the collected information. Results: Total 601 (49.0% male doctors) with an average age of twenty eight years were the part of this survey. Most of the participants as 65.0% (n: 393) were the doctors of junior stage. Total 59.0% participants were present with the belief that overall doctors in our country Pakistan are not happy. When we asked them directly about the unhappiness level, participants provided almost equivocal answer (43.0% dissatisfied verses 42.0% satisfied). High load of work (73.0%), less pay (87.0%), no optimistic feedback (70.0%), insecurity of job (64.0%) & adverse mutual support (47.0%) being the very important reasons accountable for the unhappiness. High amount of the doctors (55.0%) were present with preference to live in other countries in comparison with Pakistan. Conclusion: The results off this research work showed that unhappiness among doctors is worldwide perception, doctors from Pakistan have no exception. High amount of the doctors having intension to leave the country is a very important issue of concern for the services of health care field. It is very necessary to identify the reasons and take remedies to cut those causes. Key Words: Unhappy, doctors, physicians, Survey, research work, methodology, worldwide, participants, physicians.

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