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Dr Aniqa Aslam Chaudhary, Dr Iqra Ashfaq, Dr Omer Farooq


Background: All pregnant women, with the aid of advantage of their being pregnant status, face some level of maternal risk. There are certain complications related to some pregnancies which are commonly associated with the fitness of mother. Objective: The key objective of our research was to recruit danger features also motherly result amongst reserved also unbooked participants. Methodology: This was at one time a move sectional gets some answers concerning completed in Jinnah Hospital Lahore from Jan 2018 to Feb 2019. Arbitrarily picked 310 get some answers concerning subject's people had been secured in this investigation. Every one of the sufferers conceded through crisis and outpatient office, who had conveyed in labor room had been incorporated. Moral endorsement was looked for from Institutional Review Board and took assent from individual patients. Booked patients were these who has no less than three antenatal consideration visits while unbooked patients secured the ones who couldn't have any antenatal consideration amid entire time of pregnancy. A predesigned performa was utilized for records accumulation. The performa secured holding status, period of the two accomplices, tutoring of the two accomplices, control of the two accomplices, month-to-month salary, living arrangement, ethnicity, method of conveyance, amount of antenatal visits, wellness backer at the season of antenatal visits gravida, equality, fetus removal, method of conveyance, gestational age, records of any disease for the span of being pregnant and maternal results. The records were once examined utilizing SPSS rendition 21. Results: The imply age of patients used to be 27±8.6 years, suggest age of husbands was once 31±7years, parity was 2.7±3.3, gravida was 4±3.5, abortion was once 0.5±0.8, gestational age used to be 38.6±3.3, range of antenatal visits had been 5±3.7, month-to-month household income (PKR) (Median) was once 12500. 149 (49.8%) sufferers had been illiterate. Out of total, 99 (33.8%) have been booked sufferers and 204 (7.1%) were unbooked patients. Amongst booked cases, 85 (86.8%) have been healthy, 8 (8.2%) has PPH, 3 (3%) were in ICU, 3 (3%) has ARF, three (4.2%) has hysterectomy. Amongst unbooked cases, 159 (79.1%) were healthy, 15 (7.1%) has PPH, 28 (14.1%) had been admitted in ICU and 3 (2%) has hysterectomy. (p=0.00) Conclusion: Our study showed that PPH and ICU admissions had been appreciably greater amongst unbooked instances at tertiary care hospital. Overall ICU admissions followed by way of PPH and hysterectomy have been extra common maternal effect mentioned in this study. Keywords: Parental, Consequence, PPH, Problems.


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