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Zara Azhar, Hafiz Inam Ullah, Ikram Ellahi


Liver cirrhosis is highly prevalent in developing countries like Pakistan and osteoporosis is well reported and can add to further morbidity in such cases. Objective; To determine the frequency of osteoporosis in cases of liver cirrhosis. Methods; This cross sectional study was done at outpatient department of RHC Jhawaria, THQ shahpur and RHIC Khabeki during July to December 2018. The patients with age 30-70 years having liver cirrhosis of at least 1 year or more were included. The detailed sociodemographic and clinical data was collected and osteoporosis was labeled as yes when the T score was less than 2.5 on DEXA scan. Results; In this study there were total 200 cases out of which 124 (62%) males and 76 (38%) females with mean age of 44.35±8.32 years. Osteoporosis was seen in 68 (34%) of cases. Osteoporosis affect more females where it was seen in 32 (42.10%) out of 76 cases with p= 0.09. Osteoporosis was significantly high (p=0.002) in cases that had cirrhosis more than 3 year affecting 56 (46.67%) cases in contrast to 12 (15%) cases in their respective groups. There was no difference regarding type of hepatitis between both groups (table 2). Conclusion; Osteoporosis is common in cases of liver cirrhosis where every 3rd cases develops it and duration of cirrhosis more than 3 years is significantly associated with this. Key words: Liver cirrhosis, osteoporosis, T score, DEXA scan.


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