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Dr Muhammad Naeem Yousaf, Dr. Saba Asghar, Dr Adeen Ahmed


Abstract: Objective: Microvascular problems are very important consequence of progression of type-2 diabetes which is the cause of the adverse QoL (Quality of Life), put high economic weight to the system of health care and increase the rate of mortality because of diabetes. The purpose of this case work was to evaluate the occurrence of microvascular anomalies in the recently identified patients of type-2 diabetes and to analyze the relationship between adverse glycemic management and such anomalies. Methodology: This transverse case work conducted in the clinic of diabetes located in Allama Iqbal Medical Institute, Lahore Pakistan. This case work started in December 2017 and lasted up to December 2018 among the patients suffering from type-2 diabetes. Related data of all the patients gathered with the help of special arranged Performa. The investigation of the patients for the retinopathy, nephropathy & neuropathy carried out. Results: The division of the patients carried out into two groups. Group-1 was available with proper glycemic control as HbA1c lower than 6.50 and Group-2 was available with the adverse glycemic control of HbA1c greater than 6.50. In Group-2, microvascular anomalies were present in 89.80%. Neuropathy, nephropathy & retinopathy were available in 68.50%, 56.20% & 31.40% correspondingly. Those same rates in the Group-1 were 50.0%, 0.0% and 31.0% correspondingly and these values were lower in comparison with the values of Group-2. Conclusion: The results of this case work showed that in recently identified type-2 diabetes patients who were available with adverse glycemic control, percentages of the microvascular anomalies in very high in comparison with those who were available with normal glycemic control. So, proper glycemic control was necessary in the currently identified patients of type-2 diabetes for the prevention and reduction of the prevalence of such problems. Keywords: Microvascular, diabetes, percentage, prevention, correspondingly, HbA1c, glycemic, reduction, methodology, Performa, adverse.


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