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Dr Muhammad Awais, Dr Saba Bashir, Dr Rabia Nazir


Abstract: Objectives: Nephrolithiasis is very serious complication for the health of children, current data has displayed that the occurrence of nephrolithiasis among children is increasing in both developed and under development countries. Pakistan, a major country in South Asia has a high rate of prevalence of kidney stones among young population. The purpose of this research work is to find out the occurrence of Microlithiasis & nephrolithiasis among children in Lahore. Methodology: This research was a transverse study on the infants having less than one year of age suffering from the presence of Microlithiasis & nephrolithiasis for a period of 3 months from April 2018 to July 2018. Collection of the information about demography, total number of stones, stones size, the availability of the hydronephrosis in the kidneys, jaundice past history & past history of family for kidney stones carried out. Results: The prevalence of the Microlithiasis & nephrolithiasis was 0.0487 and 0.0324, correspondingly. The most important reason for the complication was fever (30.0%). Male outnumbered the female patients. Twenty percent of our patients found with a positive history of kidney stones among their close relatives. Conclusion: This particular found with high prevalence of these. There is a need of population based as well as studies with case and controls to conclude the occurrence of kidney stones in other regions of the country to reach at the cause of the disease. Keywords: Kidney, Microlithiasis, Nephrolithiasis, Outnumber, Demography, Jaundice, Recurring, Population.


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