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Dr Samra Ramzan, Dr Khadija Asif, Dr Aqsa Hameed


Objectives: The most common problems of health in the whole world are HCV infections and chronic renal diseases, the prevalence of these diseases in our country Pakistan is very high. There is very less information available on the occurrence of HCV infection in the patients of chronic renal diseases but not under dialysis. This research work aimed to find out the rate of HCV infection in the in the admitted patients suffering from CRD in the Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Methodology: This research work was a transverse study. Patients having the age of twenty to eighty year of age with chronic renal diseases with no past renal replacement treatment and got admission in the department of nephrology were the part of this research work. The third-generation enzyme associated immune-sorbent assay as ELISA was in use of the testing of HCV infection. PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) was in use for the testing of the RNA of hepatitis C among the patients who found positive for ELISA. Results: One hundred and eighty patients were the part of this research work. The average age of the included patients was 48.70 ± 14.90 years. Total 58.30% (n: 105) patients were from male gender & 41.70% (n: 75) patients were females. About 84.40% (n: 152) patients were available with hypertension, 62.80% (n: 113) patients found with diabetes mellitus & 14.90% (n: 26) found with the complications of cardiovascular anomalies. Average eGFR was 11.40 ± 9.40 ml/min/1.730 m2 in the patients. Total 27.20% (n: 49) patients found with positive for hepatitis C in the method of ELISA. We carried out the testing of PCR for hepatitis C in thirty-nine patients who were positive in method ELISA and 74.40% (n: 29) patients found positive in this test. Clinical traits and risk aspects with or without positive antibody of hepatitis C were same in ELISA. Conclusion: An important amount of admitted chronic liver disease patients found with infections of HCV. Severe measures to universally control the infections in the departments of nephrology are the need for the prevention of the transmission of the infections because of HCV. KEY WORDS: Cardiovascular, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Enzyme, Hepatitis C, Polymerase, Antibody, Chronic Liver Disease.


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