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Ali Mohammed Alsaihati1 , Bader Essa ALmasoud2 , Salma Taher Al Omran3 , Amkalthom Hussian Almohammed Ali4 , Abdullah Saleh Alsulaim5 , Ghasham Salem Almarzoqi6 , Mohammed Sameer AlAbbad7 , Bashayer Ibrahim AlKhalifah8 , Morabet Fahad Al Hemaid9 , Mohammed Shabeeb M Alhagbani10, Mohammed Nasser A Al hajjaj10, Munirah Abdullah Almakhayitah11


Background: Gastro-esophageal reflux disease [GERD] known as one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders visit clinics and ER. Also, it affects patient’s lifestyle negatively. There are many doctors confuse this disease with heart diseases such as angina. Objective: To assess the level of awareness toward GERD signs, symptoms, risk factors and methods of treatment among Saudi population in Al-Dammam City.Methods: A cross-sectional study based on questionnaire that was distributed among the general public in Al-Dammam City, Saudi Arabia. The questionnaire consist of two sections: first was included socialdemographic information and the second section was to assess the level of awareness and knowledge about the most common symptoms and risk factors related to GERD.Results: In this study, 250 participants were filled the surveys. Male participants were more than females [54% and 46% respectively]. More than third of the participants aged between 20 and 30 years. The most common source to obtain information among participants was relatives [66%]. most of participants know that heart burn , regurgitation and chest pain are the most common symptoms GERD patients have with [84% , 77%, 62%] respectively. most of participants chose smoking and alcohol consume as the most common risk factors for GERD [87.2%] and [86%] respectively. The vast majority of participants [82%] believe that lifestyle modification can treat GERD and [86%] of participants do not believe that surgical treatment is a method to treat GERD.Conclusion: participants show good knowledge and they have acceptable awareness towards the symptoms and risk factors of GERD and most of them obtained their knowledge from their relieves thus We recommend providing health information concerning GERD on the Internet and to increase the health campaigns to increase the level of awareness among general population. Keywords: Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, Risk factors, Knowledge, Awareness.


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