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IMPORTANCE OF DIURETICS PRE-BLOOD TRANSFUSION Running title: Diuretic Pre-Blood Transfusion


Abdullah Saleh Alsuhaibani 1*, Wed Ziyad Alnajjar 2 , Shikih Hussain Alhassan 2 , Yara Walid Arif 3 , Salman Qassim Mashiakhi 4 , Abdulelah Saeed AlAhmari 5 , Suliman Khalid Aljumah 6 , Yosef Fahad Altowayan 6 , Khaled Mohammed Alqarni 7


Blood transfusion is a fundamental life saving measure in several critical medical conditions, and the elderly population above the age of 60 years are the most common age group indicated for blood transfusions. This age group is liable to many complications of blood transfusion due to the high prevalence of associated co-morbidities such as cardiac failure and renal dysfunction. Transfusion associated circulatory overload is one of the serious and common complications of blood transfusion occurring in up to 6% of patients receiving blood transfusion. It is associated with significant morbidity and mortality and, therefore, should be meticulously prevented and treated. Loop diuretics have long been used prophylactically prior to blood transfusion – particularly among high risk patients – to prevent or reduce the development of this deleterious condition. This article aims at discussing the importance of using diuretics in patients receiving blood or blood product and discussing the impact of their use on reducing transfusion associated circulatory overload. Keywords: Blood transfusion, diuretics, importance, transfusion.


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