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Dr Neelam Shehzadi, Dr Saira Bilal, Dr Nighat Haroon


Background: Ultrasound is considered the most effective way to monitor the pregnancy at present. There are many parameters which can help to measure the gestational age of fetus, and the placental thickness is considered one of the new ways to estimate gestational age of the fetus and also help to analyze the growth pattern of the fetus with the increase in the gestational age. Objective: The objective of the study is to analyze the correlation between the gestational age and songraphic placental thickness in the singleton pregnancy. Methodology: The study was conducted in Radiology department of Lahore General Hospital for the period of three months from May 2019 to July 2019. The sample size was 298 pregnant women with singleton pregnancy from 18th week of pregnancy to 40th week of pregnancy. Only healthy women were included in the study that was sure about their last menstrual period date. Women with medical issues and pregnancy issues were excluded from the study. The relationship of placental thickness with gestational age was analyzed. Results: The results showed that the placental thickness mean increases as the gestational age advances. At 18th week of pregnancy the placental thickness mean observed was 18.7 mm and the thickness reached at 30.5 mm when the gestational age was 40th week. The gestational age with the placental age was almost similar from 18th week to 32th week of the pregnancy. After the 32th week the thickness of placenta slightly reduces and almost remains constant till 40th week of the gestational age with an estimated value of 31 mm. The study was conducted by many authors around the globe and in Pakistan also. The findings were almost consistent with other studies that the gestational age is correlated with the placental thickness. Conclusion: From the study it was concluded that the placental thickness is an important factor in measuring the gestational age of the fetus by using ultrasound. Key word: Placental thickness, Last menstrual period, ultrasound, gestational age


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