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Dr Zainab Qayyum, Dr Samiya Ismail, Dr Sana Fatima


Objective: To assess the impact of post-myocardial dead tissue Streptokinase treatment on myocardial practicality, utilizing Thallium-201 single photon outflow computed tomography (TL-201 SPECT). Patients and Methods: The research was held at Mayo Hospital, Lahore from February to November 2018. Male patients, who had endured from intense myocardial dead tissue (AMI), in a region provided by the cleared out front slipping (Chap) supply route, had an infarct-related electrocardiogram (ECG) changes and gotten or did not get Streptokinase treatment, were included. Those with an ordinary ECG, or history of revascularization, or non-ST rise MI, or more than one MIs, were avoided. The patients were separated into group 1 (who gotten Streptokinase) and 2 (who did not get Streptokinase). Each group contained 42 patients and all experienced scintigraphy practicality research through intravenous infusion of 3.0 mCi (123 MBq) of TL201, taken after by rest-redistribution SPECT imaging on a double head, devoted cardiac gamma camera framework (Philips Cardio MD ®). Emory’s cardiac tool kit ® and Auto QUANT ® were utilized for information handling and quantitative estimation of reasonable myocardium. Observational scores from to 2 were doled out to each of the looks, within the arrange of expanding reasonability, and these were compared over the two groups. Result: Group 1 contained 42 patients (age run = 38 to 80 years, mean = (53.98 ± 11.26) years), in whom experimental practicality scoring was done. The score was seen in 2 patients, score 1 was seen in 15 patients and score 2 was seen in 25 patients shape this group. Group 2 too contained 42 patients (age run = 38 to 80 years, mean = (56.71 ± 9.05) years), in whom reasonability score of was seen in 3 patients, score 1 was seen in 11 patients and score 2 was seen in 28 patients frame this group. Age contrast between the two groups was factually inconsequential (p = 0.223). The myocardial reasonability comes about dissected by 3 x 2 possibility table applying chi-square (χ²) test too appeared no critical distinction between groups 1 and 2 (p = 0.611). Conclusion: This research did not discover any critical contrast in myocardial practicality – post myocardial dead tissue – in patients who gotten or did not get Streptokinase treatment. Keywords: Streptokinase treatment, Thallium-201, SPECT, myocardial reasonability, single photon emanation computed tomography.


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