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Dr Attique Ur Rehman, Dr Muaz Hafeez, Dr Hassan Kamal


The root morphology importance is highlighted by analysis showing that canal morphological changes may affect endodontic results. In general, 2 roots are in the mandibular molars; though, the third root presence is an important anatomical variable amongst many people groups. Objectives: To report and determine the radix paramolaris or entomolaris prevalence in first, second and third permanent human mandibular molars. Study Design: An Observational Study. Place and duration: In the dental section of Lahore Medical and Dental College and Punjab Dental hospital Lahore for one-year duration from March 2018 to March 2019 Methods: 2234 total permanent human mandibular molars were taken from various hospitals in Lahore. 359 teeth from 2234 teeth placid were not included in the analysis and for the study 1875 teeth were selected. Into 3 groups; Teeth were divided and to see radix molar (RP or RE) every tooth was inspected. Results: The RE prevalence was 80 (4.2%) in first mandibular molars, 30 (1.6%) in second molars and 45 (2.4%) in third molars, RP 13 (0.7%) was in the first, 8 (0.4%) second and 11 (11%). 0.6) as the third molar. When relating the RP and RE presence in the first mandibular molars with the second and third molars, no significant difference was observed (p> 0.05). Conclusion: The total Radix molar prevalence was 9.9% and in the 1st group was 4.9%, in the 2nd group it was 2% and the 3rdgroup it was 3%. There were no substantial differences between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd mandibular molars. These data on the morphology and appearance of Radix molars will offer beneficial evidence for the clinician to attain fruitful endodontic outcomes. Keywords: Permanent mandibular molars, Human teeth, Radix Molar, Morphology, Identification.


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