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Dr. Syed Muhammad Asad Masood, Muhammad Usman Rasool, Dr Tehmina Akbar


Background: Medical students due to their busy life style are increasingly involved in unhealthy eating habits which contributes to a high level of depression among them. Previously there was no research done on this topic in Pakistan and students are unaware about association between eating habits and depression. So as to create awareness about this menace we conducted this study. Objective: To determine the relation of eating habits and the development of depression among medical students of AIMC Material and Methods: Study Design: Cross sectional study. Study Setting: Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore/ Jinnah Hospital Lahore. Study Duration: 2 months. Inclusion criteria: Students from all classes from first year to final year, Both sex, Both Boarders and Day Scholars. Data Collection and analysis: Data was collected by a semi- structured questionnaire which was distributed among students after explaining the purpose of study and taking informed consent. The questionnaire was handed out to students who were present at the time of distribution. The students were instructed to return the completed questionnaire. The Students were assured that results of survey will not have any negative repercussions for them. We used SPSS version 17 for data analysis. Mean and standard deviation was computed for quantitative variables and for qualitative variables we computed frequency and percentage. Results: Out of 250 students 137(54.8%) had depression and 113(45.2%) were found to be normal. Following eating habits were shown to be highly associated with the development of depression, an irregular meal taking habit, students not taking breakfast regularly, whose diet rarely contain fruits and often containing fried food and a heavy consumption of salt. Conclusions: Using data from the study, we showed an association between eating habits and depression in medical students. Despite of having proper knowledge about balanced nutrition and healthy life-style, students were found to indulge in unhealthy eating habits which contribute to the development of depression. So interventions should be made to encourage good eating habits among medical students. Key words: Eating habits, Depression, Medical students, Salt consumption.


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