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Abdulrhman mohammed aldukhayel , Majed Ghunayman Alharbi , Abdullah Abdulaziz Almazyad , Muath Mohammed Aldukhayel , Abdulrhman Abdullah Aldosery , Abdulmajeed Abdulrazag Alzahrani , Mohammad Abdulrahman Aldehami


Background: The family physician is considered the first line of contact between a patient and the health system. A unique point for the family physician is that he/she deals with all ages, all health conditions, and both sexes which are built on a trusted relationship with a whole-person type of care. In addition to their job as a health care provider, they are also required to participate as an advisor in developing public health programs, ability to use population-based indicators in their practice, education of the population about healthy lifestyle habits, and collaborating with other health care providers during outbreaks. Objectives: Assessment the awareness level about family physicians among general population in Al-Qassim provenance. Methods: This study is a quantitative observational cross-sectional study which conducted among the general population in Al-Qassim provenance. The study questionnaire was designed as an electronic questionnaire, and it was published in social media. The study was approved by the departmental board review. Data were coded and entered by using Microsoft Excel. All statistical analyses were calculated using SPSS software. Chi-square was used to investigate the associations between variables. P < 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Results: A total of 919 individuals participated in the study. Most of [41.7%] them were aged from 20 to 29 years, 21.4% were from 30 to 39 years, 13.9% were from 40 to 49 years, 12.6% were less than 20 years, 8.3% were from 49 to 50 years, and only 2.1% were more than 60 years. Regarding gender, more than half of the participants [55.4%] were females. The statistical analysis showed a significant correlation between the incidence of chronic diseases and regular screening [P-value<0.001] where most of weren't subjected to regular screening and hadn’t chronic diseases. Conclusion: The survey assessed general population awareness toward FPs. We reported a hight degree of awareness among our population [78.9%]. The majority of participants thought a family physicians could treat both adult and children patients. The majority of participants had a chronic disease and we reported significant correlation between the incidence of chronic diseases and awareness about family physicians. Keywords: Family Physician, Family Medicine, Awareness.


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