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Dr Ayesha Ejaz, Faiza Khanum, Dr Unza Afzal


Objective: If the newborns have to face extreme pain stimulus of pain for long duration, it can increase the rate of morbidity. Neonates who faced pain in the duration of neonatal period, will react irregularly to the pain in the duration of next events full of pain. Among new births and young infants who have faced painful surgery of minor nature, a safe way to analgesia is the utilization of the oral sucrose. The aim of this research work is to assess the impact of oral glucose on the decrease of pain among newborns. Methodology: All the neonates having age from two to ten days and having weight of greater than 2500 gram who got admission for phototherapy & bilirubin and they were not in range of exchange, were the part of his research work. This research work was carried out in pediatric department of Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Total 108 neonates were the part of this research work. The feeding of every neonate carried out with the help of syringe after every thirty minutes with 2 milliliters distilled water, D/W 10.0%, D/W 20.0%, D/W 50.0% on the forward tongue portion. Straightaway, injecting of a lancet carried out into the neonate heel & alterations of the complexions of face and changes in crying recorded for complete 3 minutes after the injection. Wong standard was in use for the evaluation of the alteration in face & crying. This research work was a quasi-experimental type study & method of Fischer exact test was in use for the analysis of the collected information. Results: From total one hundred and eight newborns who got feeding with D/W 10.0%, D/W 20.0% and D/W 50.0%; 0.90% (n: 1), 28.0% (n: 41), 93.50% (n: 101) & 98.10% (n: 106) displayed the less sensation to pain correspondingly. Conclusion: The findings of this research work showed that glucose through oral way is very secure analgesic agent & there is high recommendation of its utilization in the pediatric ward before the application of the painful method to neonates. Very high concentration of glucose will decrease the severity of pain with more effectiveness Key Words: Newborn, Distilled, Pediatric, Fischer, Milliliters, Methodology, Glucose, Oral, Analgesic Agent, Phototherapy.


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