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Dr. Sana Tariq, Dr. Farwa Liaqat, Dr. Maryam Fatima


Objectives: This research was aimed to assess the age impact on kidney Tx (Transplantation) outcome & survival of graft and compassion of the old population with young population. Methodology: A sum of nineteen hundred and forty-six-kidney transplant carried out from one thousand five hundred and thirty-seven living & four hundred and nine cadaveric donors from March 2016 to April 2018. The division of the recipients carried out into two groups in accordance with their age at the instance of Tx. First group of youngsters consisted patients with eighteen to fifty-nine year of age and second group contained the patients with more than fifty-nine years of age. Results: We found the acute rejection in 19.50% patients of young group whereas this frequency was 16.70% in the second age group. DGF was present in 6.30% patients of younger group & 13.50% patients of the old group. The assessment of total rate of survival displayed that 1.60% patients in the groups of young patients and 6.80% patients of the old group met their death. Conclusions: There are very high rates of graft survival in kidney transplant in patients of both age groups. However, there were high risks of complication among the patients of the old group in comparison with the patients of the young group. Therefore, it is very vital to choose the elderly patients for the kidney Tx. Key Words: Elder, kidney, transplant, vital, methodology, survival, comparison.


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