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Dr. Aleena Sadat Nazeef , Dr. Syed Farasat Ali Shah, Dr. Bushra Gohar Shah


Objective: To compare and investigate the two oral antidiabetic drugs effects in patients with type II diabetes mellitus. Study design: A Prospective and comparative study. Place and duration: In the Medicine Unit II of Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi for six months duration from July 2018 to December 2018. Methods: After the review, 60 patients with type II diabetes mellitus who were not treated recently were included in this analysis. Into two groups; male and female patients were distributed. The patients were treated with pioglitazone15 mg given after meal in group I (n = 27). In group II (n = 33) patients were given 5 mg glibenclamide in the morning before breakfast. Patients with kidney diseases, peptic ulcer, blood diseases, liver diseases and serious complications were not included in the analysis. General physical examination, blood pressure, pulse, routine examination was done in every patient at admission and at 45th and 90th day. Fasting and random blood glucose was recorded with the Glucose-Oxidase Enzymatic method. The written approval was obtained and procedure was explained to the patients. Data was quantified as mean + SEM at the end of the analysis and with paired "t" test data was analysed. Results: At the end of the study, the difference between the two groups showed better results. The mean FBS parameter at day 0 was187.32 ±11.95 mg / dl. The average BSF was 139.97±5.70 mg / dl at day 90. The value of P from day 0 to day ninety was P <0.05. On day 0, the mean values in the RBS parameter were 283.98±16.85mg / dl and at 90th day was 171.95±5.79 mg / dl. P value from day 0 to forty fifth day with P <0.005 ** (significantly moderate) and P value P <0.002 ** (significantly moderate) from day 8 to day 90 in group II with drug glibenclamide. Conclusion: In type 2 diabetes mellitus; drug glibenclamide helps effectively in lowering the blood glucose level compared to pioglitazone in a given study period. Key Words: Oral antihyperglycemic drug, diabetes mellitus type 2, fasting plasma glucose.


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