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Dr. Wajeeha Fayyaz, Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi, Dr. Haseeb Raza


Objective: This research work aimed to evaluate the awareness, practices & behaviors of mothers on acute respiratory infections (ARI) among children having lower than five year of age. Methodology: This was a transverse research work conducted in Pediatric Department of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore from November 2017 to January 2018. Total three hundred and thirty-five mothers were living in the same city and they had minimum one child of less than 5 year of age & visiting to this very hospital for clinical issue with the company of some other female were the part of this research work. The mothers from far areas or available in a difficult situation to interpret our questions were not the part of this research work. The primary language was English in questionnaire but for better interpretation, translation form was also available. Our professionals took the interview from mothers. Results: We conducted this research work on three hundred and thirty-five children. Out of total, 68.0% (n: 228) children found with acute respiratory infections. The average age of patients were 20.0 ± 17 months whereas average weight at the time of birth was 2.70±1.80 kg. The very frequent symptom was the presence of cough, which was in very severe condition in the season of winter, dust was the main factor of aggravation. Pneumonia was the very frequent complication of this problem and majority of mothers consulted the clinical expert for treatment. Fifty eight percent females (n: 192) practiced self-medication & the most common used medication was the use of paracetamol. Conclusion: The findings of this research work showed that better awareness of mothers on respiratory infections, symptoms, the factors of aggravation and related complications. The attitude of the mothers towards these infections was satisfactory with in time consultation with a professional. Good rate of literacy has very strong impact on awareness, practices & behavior of mothers. Key Words: Acute, respiration, infection, methodology, behavior, awareness, attitude, aggravation, satisfactory, cough, severe.


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