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Dr. Haseeb Raza, Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi, Dr. Saher Maqbool Kayani


Objective: This research work aimed to find out the outcomes of repair of IH (Incisional Hernia) with artificial or unnatural mesh. Methodology: This is a retroactive elaborate research work carried out in the surgical department of General Hospital, Lahore from March 2014 to December 2018. A sum of one hundred and twenty one patients were the participants of this research work. In this research work, patients suffering from IH who got repair with mesh & finished the at least nine months period of follow up, were the part. The patients who medically diagnosed of having IH dot admission and after essential preparation underwent surgery & a synthetic mesh was in use for the closing of the defect in the wall of abdomen cavity. In the duration of initial after surgery and follow-up period, the assessment of the patients carried out to determine the presentation of various issues like infection, seroma, discharging sinus development & recurring of the disease. Results: Out of total one hundred and twenty one patients, seventy three patients were female & forty eight patients were males. In majority of patients, IH caused from procedures in emergency. In 28.90% (n: 35) patients, we found formation of seroma after surgery, 14.0% (n: 17) patients found with infection of wound. Subcutaneous hematoma occurred in one (0.80%) patient because of undiagnosed bleeding which latter on needed removal under anesthesia. About 6.60% (n: 8) developed recurring hernia and some patients among them got the same treatment again. In 9.90% (n: 12) patients, there was skin necrosis from mild to moderate nature and in these patients, debridement was one of the evidence of victorious therapy. Incomplete dehiscence of wound was available in 3.30% patients. Conclusions: IH is very frequent in midline wounds of laparotomy particularly carried out in the conditions of emergency and only one method of mesh repair was available with satisfactory results. Keywords: IH, hernia, debridement, wound, surgery, necrosis, seroma, sinus, dehiscence, methodology, abdomen cavity.


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